Our Knowledge and Experience.

Both Chris and Pauline have been actively involved in the property market for many years. Each becoming Landlords in their own right back in the ‘90s before coming together in both marriage and business to manage a multi-million pound buy-to-let portfolio predominantly in East London.

In addition to their Landlord experience both Pauline and Chris have over 20 years each in Banking and finance, both having worked in the City of London.

Seeking a change in lifestyle following the birth of their daughter, the couple have been actively investing in the renovation sector. They have been buying and flipping properties since 2013.

The pair offer a wealth of knowledge and experience of all aspects of the property market; buying, selling, developing, letting, investing, financing, designing, interiors, structural and not least to mention a wealth of property contacts.

Consultancy Rates:

We wish to be accessible for all projects so offer a wide range of consultancy and training services. Some people need just a little advice while some need a bit more hand holding, and there is nothing wrong with that I wish I could of got some help when I first started as I’ve made some costly mistakes, sorry learning experiences!

Please note we are London based and we reserve the right to charge for travel time.

Simple Phone Advice; 1 Hour Consultation:

Have a simple question or query that is bothering you?  Maybe something in the Legal Pack you don’t understand, perhaps your builder is telling you that you need some unusual extra or possibly want advice on which product to use.

Whatever the problem we can help.

1 hour phone or face to face consultation £100.

Need a Bit More; Half Day Consultation:

Your project is a bit more complicated than a quick chat on the phone or over coffee?  You’d like to run multiple questions past us covering various aspects of your build?  Then the half day consultancy might be more appropriate, as it gives plenty of time to cover multiple subjects.

You might not even have a project yet and would just like some training, education and advice on entering the world of property development?

Half Day (4 hour) face to face consultation £350.

Need Alot More; Full Day Consultancy:

You have a big build or project and have a lot of questions and would like help and advice on the design build, or maybe you’d like to know if it is dry rot or wet rot, penetrating damp or rising damp, mold or condensation or would like an experienced non-biased view of any defect on the property.  Or perhaps you feel a little overwhelmed and you’d just like an in-depth consultation on all aspects of the renovation or project to show you the what, where, when, who and why of everything involved.

Or you might like us to arrange a one day training and education program to introduce you to the world of property developing to set you on the right course or even to see if it is for you at all?

Full Day (8 hour) face to face consultation £650.

Need Everything; Apprenticeship:

This is a great training experience to anyone just starting or wanting to start in the property developing business.  We offer an apprenticeship, where (within reason and practicalities) you can work alongside us.  Ideally we time the start to where we are looking for a new property and finish on completion of the sale, typically 6-9 months.

We will show you how to search for a project, basic surveying skills, how to value a property, how to calculate your maximum bid, how to bid, how to finance, how to design layouts, we’ll introduce you to our contacts, how to renovate, how to plan a renovation, interior design, dressing a property, how to find a good estate agent, how to market your property, how to sell it, how to complete the sale and all the stuff in between such as limited companies and taxes.  You follow us from start to finish so if we do it you learn it.

We can also arrange further add on training during or after your apprenticeship with our 3rd party suppliers.

Please note, there is a large mid week time commitment to this program and is typically offered in the Croydon area.

Full Apprenticeship; £2600

Makeing Your First Steps; Ongoing Project Consultany:

You have set out on your own and found a project to work on, but lack the confidence and experience to go it alone?

Our ongoing consultancy is a perfect solution, within reason, we make ourselves available when needed and on regular visits to your site to help advise on problems and solutions you need.  This makes us available to help and advise on all aspects of what and when needs doing.  This could be on finding and timetabling tradesmen, unexpected problems [always expect the unexpected!], general advice as the project progresses, problem solving and, well, hand holding.

The cost below reflects the large amount time I put into a project on this kind of consultancy, and it should be noted that we are SW London based.  It does not include finding the property or project.

Ongoing Project Consultancy; £5,200 +20% of the net profit.

Can't You Do It; Turnkey Consultancy:

You have the money but not the time to run a project, or maybe you are just to busy or just like the potential returns from property developing but getting your hand dirty for whatever reason is not for you?

Then we have a Turnkey service for investors.

We will source a suitable project within budget with good upside profit potential and secure it at auction.  This can be a protracted process as finding a good project is always the hard part of the business.

We will then fully manage the renovation, dress and sell the property.  Your only commitment is the financial side and we take care of everything else.  We take a relatively modest upfront fee and our main commission is value based so if the project dosn’t succeed then neither do we so you know we are motivated to bring the project in on time and on budget.

Turnkey Consultancy; £5,200 +50% of the net profit.

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