Guildford Road
Feltham - 11/11/2021

11th November 2021


23rd August 2021

Done well and at the right price, we’re under offer after the first batch of viewings…. Sorry to all those that booked to view this coming weekend, but as they say I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse!

21st August 2021

All dressed up and ready to sell. 15 viewings booked this Saturday and the same again next Saturday.

20th August 2021

It has been a long hard road, but we are 99% finished and more importantly we are now for sale. Anyone want to buy a house?

18th August 2021

I put astro turf in my own garden so I didn’t have to cut the grass, and now I have a massive lawn that needs cutting. The sprinkler with the auto water in action there.

17th August 2021

We’ve still got a handful of snagging issues to take care of, not sure the builder likes my attention to detail! But the house is more or less finished, and we’ve dressed it with some furniture both to present an aspirational property and to help the prospective buyers envisage themselves living there.

6th August 2021

Just installed some site security, we have a Ring alarm and Web Cam so I can keep an eye on the house from my phone.

The grader finish, and transformed the look of the house front and back.

5th August 2021

The lawn going down, and to think I nearly didn’t do it, but looks so good pleased I did.

4th August 2021

The gardener starting work at the back of the house.

3rd August 2021

The last bit load of rubbish ready to get collected, alway a nice point in the project as the end is firmly in sight.

Possibly the most important part of the whole project, the building control sign off.

2nd August 2021

Quite pleased with the decking, perhaps because I did that bit myself!

The kitchen I left to the pros, and it looks really amazing, Mrs p chose a very nice work top.

Making the front look a bit nicer and tidier, added a new gate and fence panel to the front.

31st July 2021

The kitchen fitters have been super busy and it is nearly done.

The decking is also nearly there, the rain slowing things down.

Clear signs of the end of the project, the fancy net curtains have gone up, gives a nice view of the portaloo!

30th July 2021

We have the frame for the decking made and have made a start on the deck boards but the bad weather is hampering getting it finished.

Meanwhile inside, the kitchen is really starting to take shape.

29th July 2021

Start of the decking frame.

27th July 2021


Digging a few post holes to support the deck frame.

Start of the kitchen being fitted

26th July 2021

Always nice when the carpets arrive, a sure sign of the beginning of the end.

24th July 2021

Got some fancy lights fitted, and some not so fancy ones.

21st July 2021

Getting the lights fixed properly, out first thing trying to beat the heat fixing the outside lights and socket to the extension, and then inside started to fit the pendants and downlight.

19th July 2021

I was away camping last week so nice to be back and see the progress. The roof lantern, we had some issues and has now been replaced for a different one, this one all ok and the plastering done inside.

The kitchen is on site and taking shape.

The extension looking really good now that it has been painted.

13th July 2021

The laminate flooring looking really nice.

9th July 2021

Collected and delivered the laminate flooring.

We’ve got doors and using the beautiful and simple to fit Jig Tech door handles.

The radiators and now in all the bedrooms and reception room.

7th July 2021

Bathroom almost there, no more portal soon!

6th July 2021

Joinery work started, skirtings going on.

Our fancy radiators for the extension.

5th July 2021

Sofits and facias are on, extension nearly done just needs some paint.

4th July 2021

Roof lantern fitted, makes the extension a really nice bright and light room.

2nd July 2021

The big glass roof lantern, getting delivered, can’t wait to be watertight!

Bathroom coming on really well and looking great with our perhaps bold tile choices.

The extension the rendering just getting a final rub down, soon to be painted.

30th June 2021

It’s all starting to come together, paining the walls, tiling the bathroom and insulating the loft.


28th June 2021

The extension floor going down, and we’ve got back doors, no glass yet but we have doors!

21st June 2021

Almost there with the plastering, the extension all boarded out in anticipation.

The GRP roof has it’s top coat, and the lead flashing going in. It is just getting a test with the down pours of late!

17th June 2021

Plaserting, coming along slowly but surely.

14th June 2021

Getting ready for the latest building control inspection, insulation in floors and ceilings and the damp proof membrane.

Plastering has started couple of ceilings and a wall so far..

11th June 2021

The GRP roof is on bar the top coat.

Floor level in the extension, hardcore pre sand and insulation.

Preparing for the final skim, a little evening out of the walls.

10th June 2021

The GRP roof starting to be formed, the 120mm insulation and OSB boards are on, just cutting the trim to size for the corners and joins.

Pipework going in;

And some vent pipe for the underfloor airflow.

3rd June 2021

Opening up the archway between the kitchen and reception rooms.

Lining for the being going on, nice red fire retardant boards for the kitchen area.

New manhole, building up the brick lining so just like the old one to please Thames Water.

Sadly the downstairs toilet, although a tight squeeze worked on paper but in reality with the wall thickness, just didn’t work so a larger kitchen it is, and what was to be the toilet window has now been bricked up.

2nd June 2021

Bathroom walls lined, Hardiebacker in the ‘wet’ zone and green moisture board in the ‘dry’ zones.

Big steel at the back of the house and little steel in the divide between the reception and kitchen.

1st June 2021

Big steel going in;

30th May 2021

Work on the extension continues, big job for next week getting that massive steel into place. Its for the back of the house, so carrying a lot of weight, but one of the biggest I’ve seen on my projects.

The electrics creeping inside the extension, just like my fingers over the lens!

28th May 2021

Couldn’t get to site for a few days, but lots of progress while I was away. The extension shell is up, needs a roof and some doors though!

The new manhole on the way, but the main connection has been done.

Meanwhile inside, most of the house has been dry lined with acoustic plasterboard. Acoustic plaster board a little more expensive than the regular stuff and harder to work with as heavier and denser, but helps take the edge off noice transmission.

21st May 2021

Now the original manhole has been removes and sewer pipes all connected to the Building Control Inspector’s approval, it all gets filled in again.

Possibly a slightly uninspiring photo, but a big pile of plaster board under those covers all ready to attach to the interior walls.

19th May 2021

The original plan was to line the new plaster boards on the old plasterwork, but after closer inspection it just wasn’t stable enough so we hacked it all off, a nice big pile for the grab truck to take away now.

A big and tricky job, taking away the old ope sewer pipe and replacing with a closed pipe so we can build over it. Its not often I see the builder boss getting his hands dirty but he jumped in the hole too so you know it was tricky. All the time figures crossed no one flushed a little present towards ‘us’. I say ‘us’ I took photos, didn’t get near the hole!

17th May 2021

Getting ready for the next building control visit, foundations built up to the DPC line and for the sewer build over getting ready to replace with a solid pipe. That is a big hole by the way that that poor fella dug by hand!

13th May 2021

This is more about what is not there… the tree/ shrub stumps have been ground and chopped out. Not saying that was a hard job but it broke the machine and the guys had to go old school with axes. The water pipe is also gone as now connected and the path made good, just the little water cover left.

Out back we’ve put the concrete foundations in, and ready to build as soon as it stops raining.

11th May 2021

Finally, the water is getting connected and the old lead pipes disconnected.

10th May 2021

I was expecting a mini digger to arrive, but the builders dug the foundations in less than a day!

5th May 2021

Kitchen lights in all their glory, well temporary ones. Connected a little to show it all works and a little because sometimes you need the light to work. New ceiling to go up but using the really easy Quickwire system they simply unplug when we nee to get them out of the way.

Meanwhile upstairs, just levelled the floor out where it had sagged a little from the years where the derelict windows were in place.

4th May 2021

While the builder is way on other jobs (he had to leave temporally as we waited on permissions and now we’re waiting on his return) I’ve been plodding on with the electrics, and now as much of the re-wire as I can do I’ve done. I really need wall to be put in and taken out before I can do anymore.

30th April 2021

Well on the way to finishing, as much as I can the 2nd fix of the downstairs rewire.

29th April 2021

Every time I pull out any part of the existing installation I am shocked over and over again that it worked and didn’t kill anyone!

Its a bit of a chore to do, but the channel over the wires protects the wires from the plasterers and carpenters during the build and eventually from rogue nails and screws when the homeowner tries to hang pictures etc., oh, and we like to do things properly, so well worth the time to do!

Cables mostly in for the downstairs ring.

27th April 2021

Pressing on with the electrics as we wait on the builder to come back. Cooker circuit done.

21st April 2021

Big reveal day, the scaffolding has come down. We just need to make the back and inside look as nice now.

Now that we have the kitchen plan, we can re-wire the kitchen, lots of chasing out boxes and channels.

20th April 2021

The covers are starting to come off, first look at the windowsill; we’ve tried to keep it the same as the original as most of the history of the house has either fallen off or had to go.

Making progress on the re-wire, the first part of the downstairs is now working.

15th April 2021

The weeds are trying to make a comeback, blitzing them with my garden lance.

All the plans for the downstairs electrics and kitchen stuck to the wall for easy reference. Just have to fit it all now!

It shocks me every time I remove an old electrical fitting in this house that not only did the lights stay on but there wasn’t a fire or injury.

13th April 2021

Can’t believe I was on site for a couple of hours before I noticed the new round window!

The bathroom is now bathless…

A little glimpse at what the bathroom will look like.

The reason for getting rid of the bath today, the vent for the cooker hood got stuck on a noggin and where was it, directly under the bath of course!

12th April 2021

Just planning the kitchen, tough to get everything in with plenty of counter space, appliances and fitting it around the downstairs toilet. I think the design we came up looks pretty good and is nice an functional, and allows us to fit a not too cramped downstairs cloakroom.

9th April 2021

There last hurdle finally been jumped, we now have the build over agreement for the extension, so can get on and start building.

24th March 2021

Made some nice progress on the electrics, the upstairs’ lights and sockets are done and working. Using the Sockitz Safety Shields so I can more or less finish the 2nd fix, where normally I’d have to wait for the builder’s and decorators to finish.

23th March 2021

I thought about trying to save a few quid by using a cheaper brand, but couldn’t bring myself to do it, my property are worth a few extra on quality accessories even if the buyer is unlikely to notice. Pride in one’s work!

First time using the Sockitz Safety Shield, hopefully does what it says on the tin and lets me finish my electrics and lets the plaster do his thing without filling my boxes or electrocuting themselves!

The internet said dilute vinegar to get rid of pigeon poop smells, so made up this half vinegar half disinfectant mix. Seems to of worked, just have an eau de chip shop now which I hope subsides! And yes, wearing a coat, cos those drip aren’t nice!

The house has had a nice coat of white paint and is already looking by far the best house on the street, just need to get indside as nice as outside now!

18th March 2021

I’ve been putting metal channel over the cables to protect and tidy the cables.

16th March 2021

A little slow going with the rendering, as the weather hasn’t been great over the past few days, but coming on really well. The neighbours telling me they will have to do work on their houses as this one is looking so good already!

12th March 2021

I am absolutely black today! The ceiling came down, started with a hammer from below but that proved a bit slow so just climbed up in the loft and kicked it down from above! I also had a little scrape of the pigeon poop while I was up there. The dust mask best money I ever spent I think!

11th March 2021

Finding some creepy crawleys, so the ceiling is to come down to get rid of them all.

Been up in the loft fixing the lighting circuit, using the innovative Quickwire connectors, which makes it so fast and easy. Wiring looks a little like a ship’s riggings, got the channel to put over them to protect and neaten them up.

10th March 2021

Its not just the pigeons that we’ve disturbed!

Getting there with the upstairs 1st electric first fix, boxes and wires mostly in.

Affinity water say yes, just waiting on a crew to come and connect us, and remove the last of the lead pipe.

Started to think about finishing details, choosing tiles. Going to be the blues ones..

9th March 2021

The house is starting to look loved again, the rendering and windows making a massive difference, and we’re now weathertight and maybe more importantly pigeon proof.

The re-wire has started, all planed out and just getting the back boxes chased into the wall. The state of the existing installation I’m surprised the house hasn’t burnt down!

The new water main going in, replacing the old lead pipe. Just waiting on Affinity Water to come and connect it to the mains, and replace their lead pipes too.

5th March 2021

Re-wire starts next week, using the innovative Quick Fix connectors.

4th March 2021

The windows are getting installed, which means the house for the first time in a long time will be weather tight. We’ve also got the first coats of render going on the outside will be the best house on the street very soon, just got to get the inside to match!

Well mnaybe I shouldn’t post this, but lets just say the toilet got blocked ‘somehow’ and the builder’s solution was just to throw it in the skip!

2nd March 2021

Always nice when the cement mixer makes the first appearance, as it means we are starting to put as least somethings back together again.

The window bay is no longer the hazard it once was, we’ve taken the old falling out bay and built it back up with blocks ready to render on the outside.

The toilet window for the downstairs toilet is in, just the downstairs toilet now.

1st March 2021

Big decisions to be made, what colour the window cill?

Small kitchen chimney has been bricked up ready for rendering.

The rickety bay wall is no longer a worry as it isn’t there anymore!

24th February 2021

All the chimneys inside and out are now gone, fairly small house so each M2 is precious. The room layouts are much more flexible too without the chimney breasts to negotiate.

The roof more or less finished, some softies and facias to go on but we’ll render the walls first.

24th February 2021

The roof is all but finished, just ridge tiles and facias still to go on.

The chimney similarly is all but gone right the way down the length of the house.

The loft, bar a few foot holes in the ceiling is looking nice and tidy, that was the nastiest job I have ever done. You know it is bad when the builder rather that you do it than paying him to do it.

Not my neatest plumbing job, but at least we now have a toilet that flushes and a tap that works.

22th February 2021

The builders are straight on it, and the chimney has already gone by the time I arrived, good job the neighbour signed the consent the night before!

To say the pigeons made a mess, well… all those droppings and feathers make for a nice mix with the loft insulation.

and we’ve taken away their TV, so’d they’d have nothing to watch anyway!

Great progress on the roof, by the end of (my, builders still there) day the old roof stripped back and the new breather membrane and battens are on, so watertight and hopefully pigeon proof win a day.

Made me smile, builders set up a lovely lunch spot..

And all that nasty in the loft, well beside what is on me, why are the arms so short! is now bagged up ready to throw in the skip.

20th February 2021

Finally on the way, scaffolding going up ready for the new roof on Monday.

19th February 2021

We’re currently in the ‘phoney war’ stage of the build, or rather at the end of it as we have boots on the ground next week. The build this week has mostly been on paper ready for planning and build-over applications.

6th February 2021

And that is the garden cleared, more or less… thought that was gonna be a lot harder and more expensive than it was, I was even pricing up commercial wood chippers.

3rd February 2021

Big change in the back garden, all the brambles, ivy and dead trees gone. Looks massive now that it has been cleared. Just waiting on the grab truck to take the last of the waste away.

2nd February 2021

Clearing the side return today, getting rid of the old concrete coal bunkers and the dilapidated shed. Filled the first skip of the project!

1st February 2021

Very old fashioned electric, think the main 80 amp fuse was the only safety device, so installed a new consumer unit up to date with the latest 18th edition of the regs. RCBOs and surge protection it’s got the works now.

28th January 2021

The ivy has gone.. house looks so much better, although the windows look a bit worse now that you can see them.

And the start of the clearance out back too..

27th January 2021

The most important job of any renovation, setting up base camp.. radio, chair and kettle!

Its a bit like Christmas unwrapping the various ‘period features’, will it or won’t it be nice… I like the doors, they will be original 1935, but can leave the fireplace especially the dead pigeon that fell out of it 🤢.

All the carpets and linos taken up, starting to lose the old person feel about the house but a long way to go yet.

Closer look at the windows show how shocking they are, literally about to fall out. Window replacement shot up my priority list.

24th January 2021

Somehow picked a nice snowy day to go and have a look at our new project. Wow, what an amazing job the seller did in clearing all the old furniture from the property, they even took the gas cooker. Absolutely brilliant, I can get straight on with fixing it up.

Roofers, builders, gardeners in the Feltnam area, do get in touch.

Front of the House;


Front Room;




Back bedroom;

Front Bedroom;

Back of the House;



22nd January 2021

Yay, we completed on the purchase 😀🎉🥳🍻🥂. I’ve got the key to door, never been 21 before..

20th January 2021

It has been a long time coming but overworked Conveyancers dealing with the stamp duty holiday and Covid we finally exchanged contracts. It should have been last year but we are in strange and difficult times.

Anyone beat this EPC? I’ve never seen one anywhere near a score of 1 before. What have I bought!!

6th November 2020

Updating my social media and website looks to be paying off as approached directly to buy this property. It has been in the same family ownership since new, not had much maintenance done since it was built in 1935 though, which is actually great for me as love projects like this!

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