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Guildford Project
Guildford - 21/05/2022

20th May 2022

The upstairs shower room starting to take shape.

First bit of 2nd fixing on the sockets.

Middle bedroom ceiling now flat and crack free, skimmed is underselling what we did to make it like new again.

19th May 2022

The over-stair nook, finished and all packed with noice reducing aquatic insulation.

All the walls in the front bedroom skimmed over.

We now have a very trendy outside kitchen, kind of!

But we now don’t have a kitchen inside.

18th May 2022

Fireplaces boarded up and hardwall plastered over.

A tricky wall for the plaster, the bright blue skys and sun shining on the wall drying it out a bit too quick, but nothing my beyond the skill and experience of my plasterer.

First ‘in real life’ for the shower room, just trying to work out how big/ small we can make it without too much of a compromise to the bed room or shower room.

That is the lights pretty much 1st and 2nd fixed, done.

17th May 2022

Start of stripping out the kitchen, where is the coffee machine to go?!

A long way it seems for the plastering!

The 1st fix of the sockets well underway.

Just look at those silky smooth walls, first time since 1906!

16th May 2022

Harwall plastering the bigger and deeper holes around the house.

New posh Nordlux light over the back door.

Had to do a quick bit of plumbing the old tap had no handle and with the plasterer stating we had to get sorted.

The plasterer has arrived!

14th May 2022

Almost finished with the over-stair nook, boarded up ready for the plaster, and if I didn’t run out of OSB it’d have a floor too! All packed with Rockwool Soundslab to improve the acoustic and heat insulation.

Always get a bit paranoid before the plaster as embedding the cables makes it all a bit final and hard to find/ mend mistakes. But a quick test and all as it should be, of course!

The toilet has arrived, helps finalise the shower room layout and dimensions.

That’s the bulk of the downstairs listing rewire done.

11th May 2022

The lights rewire well underway.

The roof has been finished, really pleased. The old slates last forever, the nails that hold them in don’t. We stripped back the roof completely, put on a breathable and waterproof membrane, new battens and then replaced the slates with two copper nails to each slate. Where we ran out of slates at the back we used new slates. But really happy that we didn’t destroy the look or patina of the roof at the front and side or it would of stuck out like a saw thumb, blended in beautifully to the neighbouring houses.

10th May 2022

Hacking off the old looses plaster.

Start of the 1st fix of the upstair sockets.

9th May 2022

Upstairs light rewire mostly done.

6th May 2022

Doesn’t look much but that is the start of the rewire!

5th May 2022

Roof all finished, just the scaffolding to come down.

We’ve got to accept the property is a ‘cottage’ so space is limited and to make the most of the kitchen [well fit a dishwasher] we’re adding pluming and drainage to the under stair cupboard to make a little utility room for the washing machine. The plumbing was fairly straightforward, but the drainage involved a bit of ground work connecting to the drains.

Bit of stress testing the new section of floor, climbing up and standing on it! Passed my weight, but it is bolted and screwed to the walls so probably the strongest part of the house now!

OK, maybe not the first room as it seems to be the store room; but had a big tidy and vacuum makes the place look so nice and we’ve not even really done much yet!

4th May 2022

Roof works moves around to the rear.

One of the often forgotten costs to a project, the rubbish removal.

3rd May 2022

The roof at the front done. To maintain the character of the cottage we’ve recycled the slates so they blend in seamlessly. The slates themselves last forever, it’s the rusting nails that cause them to drop out. Full breathable membrane underneath so looks old but bang up to date for the building regulations.

It the first house I’ve been in that didn’t have an overstair cupboard, whilst the vaulted stairway looked dramatic, it wasn’t the best use of space. So we’ve added a b it of floor and knocked down a bit of wall and given the extra couple of meters squared of floor space to the middle bedroom. It was/ is a faff but I think worth it.

28th April 2022

Project starting to move apace now. We’ve got all the wall paper from the walls and ceilings. The chimney in the rear bedroom has gone to make way for an upstairs shower room. The roof is well on the way, even nearly finished. Fitted a Ring door bell not only for site security but to give the modern necesaties for the new owner.

27th April 2022

A dusty day, removed the back bedroom chimney.

To free up a little space in the kitchen we’re making the under-stair cupboard a little utility room. The cold water feed now in, next week the drain will be sorted.

The roof well underway and the chimney removed. All got a bit dusty with old soot, brick and rubble falling down; so ended up sealing with a bit of DPC.

26th April 2022

If only the wallpaper came off all the walls as easy as this one. This room took about 10mins!

The new breather membrane going down, new battens. To keep the character of the property we’re reusing as many tiles as we can. The slates last forever, its the rusted/ disintegrated nails that were the problem.

Its hard to see, but started clearing the shed and in the M&S bag which I thought was a bag of leaves turned out to be a Robin’s nest with a few eggs. Gave me and the Robin a fright, but think she settled back in once I put it back and quickly left the shed.

Bath and sink removed, pipes capped off.

22nd April 2022

The start of the roof works, all the doors taken down ready to be sent off to be dipped, the nasty tiled concrete fireplaces removed. The nice metal fireplaces from upstairs we’ll send off to be restored and then we’ll refit in the two reception rooms. First bout of stripping out, fair amount of rubbish ready to be collected.

22nd April 2022

Scvaffolding up, first job is getting the fireplaces out of the walls, removing the old water cylinder cupboard and getting rid of all the carpets and flooring. A bit of a time capsule with the old newspapers under the old carpets.

19th April 2022

Plans for the kitchen, size and doorways restrict what we can do, but by moving the washing machine to the under stairs cupboard we can get a dishwasher into the kitchen.

6th April 2022

One of the first jobs for me is to measure and sketch the layout and from there we can design all the layout, plumbing and electrics.

5th April 2022

Of course the first job on any project is to read the utility meters.

Always a bit of a time capsule when you start lifting the carpets, can’t believe the guys on the 1966 world cup stamp don’t play footie!

Well that is base camp set up, charger, coffee machine and a loo roll!

No damp issues which is always nice.

Two nice and two not-so-nice fireplaces. Think we’ll lose the 30s tiles fireplaces and take the nice metal ones from the bedrooms to make a feature in the reception rooms.

2nd April 2022

Yay, got the keys and despite a bit of pessimism on completing on time all done within the 4 weeks. A little bit of a false start though as straight into half term, so things won’t really start to happen for a couple of weeks.

2nd March 2022

Not my first choice but as a developer you buy with your head and not your heart. That said, picked up this delightful turn of the century cottage. Hopefully a quick turn around as only need a ‘bit’ of cosmetic work.

Well all on-line these days, miss the day out in a way, but certainly more convenient. Especially when there is big gaps between the lots you are interested in.


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