Homesdale Road
Croydon - 17/04/2016

**Now as seen on Homes Under the Hammer Series 20 Episode 38 or see a clip on our YouTube channel at Homesdale Under the Hammer

Homesdale Road Project:

“We absolutely love this property. We have been looking for a long time for somewhere exactly like this and now we have found our dream home…”

We’ve just finished up on the Homesdale project. This was a relatively easy one as it was a refurb and didn’t involve any building works.

We started by clearing out all the junk and old carpets etc that was left in the property, pretty icky stuff and slightly surprising that at the beginning the tenant had only just moved out. The first thing to tackle as ever was the damp treating all the affected areas and then rendering over.   From there it was mostly redecorate although we did of course fit a brand new kitchen and bathroom

We made a couple of changes to the layout to improve the usable space. By moving the under stair cupboard door from the kitchen to the dining room we freed up space in the kitchen for a fridge freezer. The initial plan for the under stair cupboard was to make it a washing machine/ utility space but given the oversized bathroom we had a rethink. The under stairs became a lavatory and into the bathroom we added a small utility room for the washing machine, which will give great convenience for washing and drying of clothes indoors.

The only thing that didn’t go fully to plan, and there always will be, was the roof. I initially budgeted for a roof refurbishment, but as it turned out not to have any underlay we had to replace the whole roof on the house.

Really pleased with the project and certainly our best yet.

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