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SW London - 13/12/2021

MPC Electrician & Handyman Ltd. Services

We please to announce that we are now offering Electrician & Handyman service to the SW London region.

Areas covered; SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW10, SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, SW15, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW19, SW20, CR0, CR2, CR3, CR4, CR5, CR6, CR7, CR8, CR8, TW4, TW1, TW2, TW, 3, TW5, TW9, TW6, TW7, TW8, TW10, TW11, TW12, TW13, TW14, TW18, TW15, TW16, TW17, TW19, TW20, SM3, SM1, SM2, SM4, SM5, SM6, SM7, KT1, KT2, KT3, KT4, KT5, KT6, KT7, KT8, KT9, KT10, KT11, KT12, KT13, KT14, KT15, KT16, KT17, KT18, KT19, KT20, KT21, KT22, KT23, KT24.

Here at MPC Property Developments, as you can see from our projects, that we have tackled every kind of electrical & maintenance job possible on a residential property. We are now offering those skills and experience in our Electrician & Handyman Services. Whatever your fitting and fixing, we can and have done it.

All rates quoted are inclusive of any applicable taxes, i.e. no VAT to add on top.

Handyman services are charged at £49 per hour (min 1 hour) and
Electrical services are charged at £69 per hour (min 1 hour).

Parking, congestion charge and materials, if applicable, are charged in addition.

We love the small jobs anything from changing a light bulb or replacing a fuse. TV Mounts seem an especial customer favourite!

MPC Electrics and Handyman Ltd is NICEIC Approved and work to British Standard BS 7671 to meet installation and safety regulations.

Please note all Electrician and Handyman work is carried out by MPC Electrics and Handyman Ltd..

Work we’ve completed;

Converted this big pile of RCBOs and a new consumer unit (fuse box) into this rather neat completed one, on a replace and move job.

Installed a new hive thermostat to control the heating.

Bad day for photo taking, but removed a standard pendant fitting and replaced with a nice modern chandelier.

The other photo was bad but at least I remembered to take the after shot! Replaced this light with a new Ring Security Light.

Best part of being a Certified Ring Pro, the free socks!

Another Ring Security Light installed

Customer wondered why he had a smokey kitchen every time he cooked for the last 5 years, turns out the vent hose was never connected. I sorted that for him and he is now happy frying bacon!

Light bulbs flashing and switch buzzing, time to change it for new one.

Customer had a new Fridge Freezer on the way, so we had to swap the old flex outlet for a plug and socket.

Sometimes a bulb blowing will trip a breaker, but this bulb took the breaker out as well so replaced for them.

Couple of handyman job, fitted a shelf and a bathroom cabinet.

Customer had a Hive thermostat and we swapped for a Tado receiver to match the rest of their smart heating set up.

Couple of odd jobs, brought this trampoline back to life, and re-fitted the shower head holder.

Landlord need this light fixing, where the tenant had broke the glass shade.

Client had the Artex ceiling removed and replastered, fitted some pendants back and removed a couple of old light fittings.

Customer removed a light fitting and left a live flex hanging from the ceiling, came and made safe and fitted a new pendant. Also changed some switches getting rid of dimmers in the kitchen.

Swapped a Hive thermostat system for a Tado one.

Some rather higgledy piggly bathroom lights that mostly didn’t work, changed for a nice straight line of working ones.

Customer wanted a new hallway light.

Half the socket not working, so quick job to exchange for a new one.

A few hanging jobs of pictures and mirrors, and fixed a window handle while I was there.

While I love the small jobs, I do enjoy the challenge of the big jobs. Turned up to this job to replace a few socket fronts but the electrics hadn’t been touched since the house was build in 1985 and as the new owner hadn’t moved in yet it was a no brainer to update the electrics before they got settled.

Always need to test, even in the small jobs. This customer asked for the downlight to be removed and a chandelier to be installed. To make sure of an immaculate finish, I send a professional plaster to the bigger and harder jobs, so just waiting on him to fill my holes.

Another exchange of a ceiling light for something a bit more contemporary and energy efficient.

Removed an old thermostat, If you are tempted to take yourself please be careful as most of these do work on 230V.

A few handyman jobs, hanging some pictures and reattaching a wardrobe door.

Possible one of the most common jobs, mounting a TV on a wall; although that has gone a bit quieter since the end of lockdown.

A mixed bag, started fitting a dog door, hung a kitchen roller blind then changed a bathroom light and hung a large hallway feature light.

Came to add an outside socket, ended up more or less installing a whole new circuit. The previous ‘electrician’ connected the sockets to the lights. Amazing the fuse didn’t trip all the time, obviously moved the sockets to it’s own breaker and installed a new and approved radial circuit for the cellar sockets and the new outside socket. They told me the cellar wasn’t full of ghosts, but I’m not so sure!

Was called to relocate a TV i.e. take down and remount and then hang loads of art, many portraits which I can’t show you too.

Loads to do in this flat, mantelpiece, roman blinds, pictures, mirrors, venetian blinds, a few shelves and a Dyson vacuum mount.

Swapped the old halogen spots for some sleek new designer kitchen lights.

Removed the rusty old ‘kitchen’ light from this bathroom, and fitted a new light with a more suitable ‘IP’ water resistant rating.

Big heavy mirror hung, customer had a go but the wall was too hard for their DIY drill.

Curtain with a good chunk of wall fallen down, all put back together again.

A Consumer unit/ Fuse Box replace, remove and relocate. Brought this property up to, well actually beyond, the current regs with this job. Each circuit is on it’s own RCBO and a Surge (SPD) protection which is invaluable to protect the modern delicate electronics in today’s homes.

A tricky Ring door bell install, a permanent feed directly from the fuse box, of course no problem and now the customer is answering their door from anywhere.

A DIY SOS on this job, customer had a go but couldn’t get it all to work, replaced a socket, replaced a light switch and fixed another ‘broken’ switch, which turned out to be just loose wires.

Couple of electrical maintenance jobs, a pull switch looking worse for wear and falling from the ceiling needed replacing and a hall light had pulled from its fixings; the wall needed repairing and light reattaching.

Baby on the way so the customer needed new curtains in the nursery.

A few handyman jobs, hung some pictures, a mirror and fitted some shelves.

Light switch stopped working, existing wiring (not mine), so replaced with a new 3 gang led compatible dimmer.

Small business wanted a neon sign mounting.

Another Nest Smart Thermostat install.

Customer told me the underfloor heating thermostat needed reconnecting, turned into a bit of a partial rewire. Toasty bath time feet now though!

Smart homes are super popular right now, set up a Hive Smart Thermostat heating control.

Bit of a low tech fix, customer tried to change their own toilet seat and got stuck, popped around and sorted it for them.

A flat pack build this morning, clients kids are getting big and needed a homework desk.

A fuse box/ consumer unit emergency this morning, flat above had a leak and water poured on and through the fuse box below. Went dried it out and made sure everything was safe and functioning properly.

Followed by a quick shelf install for one of my regular clients.

Smart home installation services becoming an increasingly popular service. Installed and set up a Ring Pro 2 doorbell for this happy customer.

A gamer very happy after setting this beat of a router for them!

A few hanging a repair jobs, we hung a mirror and some pictures, fitted some floating shelves and fixed a falling down curtain rail.

Fitted a wifi Google Nest smart thermostat.

Replaced some RCDs that were not working correctly, and while I was there fitted a new hallway light.

This was a tricky faff, customer wanted a wall of mirrors and didn’t have the brackets, so had to chop some stew heads of to improvise my own.

I maybe need to get out more, but was called to replace a damaged socket, took the chance to try the new MK Rapid Fix and I was as pleased with it as the customer was with the repair.

While I was there cut some MDF to size to replace a cupboard shelf.

Whilst reviews are nice and help future clients to confidently book you, but to really know that your clients are happy is that they book you to go back to do more work. Today was the 3rd visit, and they have some more jobs for me tomorrow!

So we built and hung a light up display cabinet, an expanding kitchen table, hung a coat hook and replaced a shower screen.

Some snails lost their home when customer asked me to disconnect and make safe defunct external lights.

Was hanging a large and heavy picture and then the customer pulled out an outside light for me too fit.

Small TV mounted in a bedroom.

A return to this address, much more successful now the client has found their brackets!

Watched the client try to hunt down the fixing brackets and had to leave without getting the job done as they weren’t to be found. Save my time and your money, make sure you have all the bits ready for my arrival.

Started the day with a nice easy picture hanging job, then got a bit trickier with a light up sideboard and some shelf fitting.

Client wanted some curtains hanging to try and keep the hot sun from their living room.

Oh the irony, on a hot roof with only my sun hat fixing an Air Conditioning unit, changing over the isolator switch as the water had got in and damaged the old one. Client very pleased their AC now working again!

Then it was off to fix a TV to a wall, those hole from the previous TV, not some scatter gun way of drilling holes and hoping some line up!

Then finally a slightly unusual request, fixed some fake grass/ ivy to an office wall.

A lovely day to sit in the garden, not so much to build a child’s slide, but job done.

More of an electrical day today, starting with changing some regular bulbs for WIFI bulbs and then having a new chandelier.

Then it was connecting an AC unit and some test and inspect. RCDs failed though, they are really important as they well stop you from being electrocuted; remember hit the test button every 6 months.

Another day another TV mount, and yet I still forget to take the completed photo!

First job, a bit of flat pack building; a bench and a display cabinet as well as a few other small odd jobs. Job two, was to build a couple of bookshelves and then fit a shelf to the wall.

A tricky job today, the client had a go and just left a massive hole in the wall, so had to repair the hole and fit the curtains. Old crumbly walls, a nightmare but job done.

First job was some extra mouse proofing, lots of wire wool and foam under the kitchen cupboards.

2nd Job of the day was fitting a curtain rail. A metal rail with 90 degree bends just to make it a little tricky.

Then to the 3rd Job, lots of picture hanging, attaching a hanging rail, filling holes and some carpentry on a wardrobe.

A few very different jobs at this flat, starting with building an ‘egg’ chair.

Then we assembled and fitted a radiator cover, having to make some bespoke cuts to go around the pipework.

Then just in time for a rain shower, we went outside and assembled a large parasol sun shade.

Couple of TV mounts fitted;

A few odd jobs for a landlord’s tenanted property, blocked some mouse holes up ranging from small holes to a foot square of missing floor board under the cupboards, removed some shelves and a heater and replaced a roller blind.

Moved a TV from the lounge to a bedroom so the customer could have an even bigger TV installed in their family area.

Couple of jobs today, started with some curtains and a mirror.

2nd job, we changed some light fittings and then hung a load of pictures.

2 TVs and 2 TV mounts today.

Busy day today, had three jobs, which is great! Job 1, was repair/ glue a kitchen draw, fix a shower outlet cover, build some shelves and change a few light bulbs.

Job 2, fitted a couple of blinds and fixed a TV to the wall.

Job 3, some Ikea flat pack assembly.

Another busy day, nice, job one was to fit a spice rack, hang a mirror and hang some pictures in a hard to access above stairs wall. Unfortunately my photo skills were weak today and messed the ‘after’ photo up.

Just imagine three nice pictures on this wall!

Job 2 of the day was a DIwhY save, the customer had tried to fit the rail themselves, and needed some one to come a fit them properly for them so they were not loose and fall downey. Forgot the after pictures but these were all sorted when I left.

Then finally onto job 3 of the day, fitted a Roman Blind, Hung a bathroom mirror, installed a retractable clothes line, and removed some curtain rails and pelmets.

Lots of jobs for my first call of the day, Mounting a TV bracket, fitting a radiator cover, a nice undercounted draw bin, removal of some shelves, and the hardest kept for last, mounting a bathroom mirror easy enough in itself but had to drill a tiled wall. No cracks yay!.

2nd job of the day was the fitting of 5 roller blinds in a bedroom, fitting a bathroom cabinet and removal of some curtain rails and pelmets.

A curtain emergency today, the blackout curtains had fallen down and needed the curtain rail and curtains re-hanging.

Fitted a roman blind in a kitchen and completely forgot to take a picture :(.

A very busy day, with lots and lots and lots of pictures to hang, and to make it tricky lots were aligned and levelled with other pictures. Lots of measuring and the laser level came out to ensure a perfect finish.

Just when I finished, the customer appolgised and handed me a Ring Door Bell, Gate Bolt and Smoke Alarm to fit too. Never apologise for giving me work, keep it coming!

Moved on to my 2nd customer of the day a little later than anticipated, kept them notified on my change in ETA of course. Fixed a falling down curtain for them, but forgot to take an after shot, doh!

Quick and simple job today, building up a table.

A busy morning doing all sorts of picture, mirror and ‘stuff’. Quite possibly the hardest handyman job, evenly spaced and aligned pictures, careful measuring and prediction fixing of the hangers.

Fixed a blind and hung a couple of pairs of curtains.

Another TV Mount today, the customer had a go themselves, but got the bolts stuck half way in.

A very heavy mirror, couple of coach bolts later and that is hung nice and sturdy.

A fairly easy one today, a landlord asked me to repair a curtain rail. Removed the light weights fixings and put some heavy duty ones in, that’ll keep it on the wall.

Out handymanning today, set up a wi-fi wireless mess system.

And fitted this hefty TV mount, but it can swivel left right and in and out!

Started the day with a flat pack build, easy enough but they can be a time consuming faff. In the rush to get to the next job, forgot to take a finished picture despite having a big ‘photo’ sticker on the top of my tool box to remind me, doh!

An artful job next, see what I did there?, hanging and moving pictures around a elderly gentleman’s flat. The one over the door was fairly trick due to the weight and hight, but we got it done.

Frost outside, but still out removing and replacing another TV mount.

First job was to fix the blinds that the previous handyman failed to install correctly. Customer couldn’t pull the blind fully open, do people not check their work?!

The installed a lovely roman blind and a large bedroom mirror.

A toilet door emergency today, the door fell off and the family wanted their private bathroom moments back! From first call to completed job in less than an hour for this one!

TV mount today..

Replacing and fitting TV mounts are fairly run of the mill jobs, but this one a bit more tricky as it was on a swivel arm. The bracket needs to extra secure to support the large weight multiplied by the leverage effect. Still, job done and happy clients!

Distressed client called me up to mouse proof her home, some sealant and wire wool did the trick. The key with mice though is finding how they get in, and after a little investigation I found this air brick with a big hole in it, classic entry point.

Cold winter days always always leads to draft-roofing jobs, fitting an external draft excluder around this client’s front door.

Mounting a customer supplied TV bracket/ mount, this time we were hiding the wires in the stud wall. Not sure what was going on with my camera angles that day!

Third visit to this customer’s house, which is really nice that not only is it plenty of work for me but the customer is so impressed with my work they keep getting me back in.

These client’s clearly love their cats very much with this astonishing catopia they had me install.

The rest of the jobs were a bit more pedestrian, with coat hooks, pictures and light fittings.

A very busy day at this customer’s house with lots of varied jobs, and extra nice when it is a return visit as it shows the client is really happy with your work.

Double set of blinds on this window.

Another blind fitter in the guest room.

A change of wardrobe handles, this needed new holes drilling and the old ones filling. Before and after shown here.

Fitted a few brackets for appliances and alarms.

Hung some pictures, being careful to make sure all on the same level and equally spaced.

Then in the utility/ understaff cupboard I cut and fitted some shelves.

Hung a lovely triptych of seasonal posters, but forgot to take a picture. :(

A few odd job, hung 6 pictures, fixed the broken curtain rail and re-fitted a toilet roll holder.

Handyman 001Handyman 004Handyman 002Handyman 003

Preparing a flat for a new tenancy fitting a door closer and window restrictors.


Tricky curtain rail going around a 90 degree bend.


I forget to take the after pictures sometimes, but fitted 2 TV mounts (one was a massive 65 inch TV), a sound bar, hung some pictures and a coat hook.


I went back to this house to do more jobs, so got my photo in the end; please note the pine cone installation was the customer’s own!

A few odd jobs for this customer, filled a hole, re-fitted a toilet seat, re attached a tie back hook and fitted a coat hook.


Re-fitted (before pictures) this curtain rail


Customer struggling to install wireless mesh wi-fi and integrate with their Ring security doorbell and lights. All sorted for them.


Mounting a 65″ TV in a recessed opening.


A few jobs for this customer, replacing a tap, fitting an exercise bar (managed 2 pull ups!) and re-attaching a coat hook.


Double bunk bed flat pack build


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